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Does this
make sense?

For when you need a quick, affordable, no-nonsense sense check from an experienced copywriter in a day or less. Get the feedback you need, fast.

£375 flat fee. Simple.

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The proof you need, for £375

Does this make sense to you? I've been a copywriter for 10 years. This is the question I'm asked most, nearly every day. Sometimes, you just need a pair of experienced, outside eyes on a project. It could be a landing page, a Figma file, an email series, a tagline, or a letter to investors. 

You have neither the time, nor the need to brief a copywriter in full on your project. You just need someone to give you some solid suggestions, and answer the question, 'Does this make sense?'

User-centric sense check

Many brands get tangled up with internal messaging. What makes sense to you might not make sense to your customers.

Using experience from industries including fintech, investing, retail, and ecommerce, I'll provide honest, useful feedback on what's clear, and what's not.

Simple, flat fee

No need to waste time negotiating rates with a copywriter who needs to know the ins and outs of your project. 

I charge a simple, flat fee of £375 for a review of your project (up to one working day of time).

Copy suggestions

Stuck for ideas on your header or subheader? If I feel your project could benefit from some suggestions, I'll drop them in as comments, ready for you to use, or adapt as you please.

These will be minor, and don't constitute a full copy edit.

Rapid turnaround

When you have a project that's ready to ship, the last thing you need is copy-related holdups. 

Once I've received your project and we've agreed on a start time, I aim to deliver within 24 hours.

This is a one-off service, best suited for...

1 / Website copy

Think landing pages, current sites, or re-launches.

2 / Email campaigns

Marketing flows or one-off promos, I'll sense check them.

3 / UX and App copy

Either in-app or via Figma. UX is a specialty of mine.

4 / Video scripts

Hit the right tone whether it's voiceover or on-screen.

5 / Printed copy & merch

Sending in-box thank you cards? Get them copy checked.

About Graeme

Graeme was the former lead copywriter at Revolut, and has since worked with many seed-stage startups that have gone on to raise Series A, B, and C funding. He favours an honest, no-nonsense creative approach. Graeme is represented as a screenwriter by Narrow Road

Send me your project

Fill out what you can and we'll take it from there.

Thanks. I'll be in touch.

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